quote, beautiful, alone, time, placeThe weather here in Manila has been completely unchanged for the past five days. Classes and work both in the private and public sector are on its third day of suspension. I’m one of those who would sometimes wish for an extended weekend, but it’s been a tad too long already, not to mention the calamities in different parts of the country.

I’ve planned a date with myself over the weekend but the weather last Saturday just wouldn’t let up. I became frustrated, yet still determined that I would make time for me-time the following day.

I’ve grown particularly fond of Chatime after spending about three hours (for the first time!) working out-of-office at their Eton Loft branch. It was cozy, spacious, quiet, well-lighted, and yes has free WiFi — everything you need to get your brain cells and creative juice going. I’m not the biggest milk tea fan — the only tea I drink is the iced kind – so my go-to drink is their Coffee Smoothie in large, with pearl add-on.

So on Sunday, in-between bursts of rain, I eagerly went to Chatime at Eton Centris in Quezon Avenue. Being a lunchtime on a Sunday, I was expecting families going about the place despite the crazy weather. But I was pleasantly surprised to find it nearly deserted; the only sound came from the gym and/or Plana Forma studio. I stopped by LayBare for a quick eyebrow threading sesh, and then I was ready to hole up in a corner of my favorite milk tea joint.

chatime, eton, centris, milk tea, manila, philippines

chatime, eton, centris, milk tea, manila, philippinesI may or may not be drawn to Chatime because of its decked-out purple interiors, but biases aside, who wouldn’t be tempted to comfy-up in such place? Head phones on, volume up, and the rest of the world moves just like a movie.

I didn’t want to leave but people started pouring in and I was winding down with what I was doing anyway. All in all, that was a well-spent five hours all to myself. I got a some research and writing done, ate to my heart’s content, and basked in purple goodness. I felt so good, the rain that greeted me when I stepped out didn’t bother me at all. 🙂


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