#bloggerproblems: Moshi Koshi Noodle Boss

I’m not at all hard to please — good food, good company, and crazy (inside) jokes are all I need. ‘Good food’ for me is anything that ranges from burgers, pizza, pasta, Chao Fan, ice cream, to smoothies and coffee.

Thanks to a tempting banner stand in Robinsons Galleria we came across last Thursday, mine and Maine’s curious tastebuds were led to this Japanese restaurant tucked (quite literally) in a corner of the mall’s 4th level. The stress, complemented by the impending rainy weather, justified our craving for hot noodles. Nothing like hot soup to calm the nerves and shut us up 🙂

moshi koshi, robinsons galleria, restaurant, Japanese

moshi koshi, robinsons galleria, restaurant, Japanese, tempura, soba

Though I’m not a big fan of the entire Japanese cuisine, I know I can never go wrong with a Tempura dish and hot noodles. Since ‘starving’ was an understatement that day, I paired the Soba Tempura with Japanese Rice (Hatid ng Coca Cola! Soba Tempura with mainit na kanin! – All For Juan)

The soup tasted faintly like hot and sour soup, which was a welcome change in my palette. Moshi Koshi takes pride in their noodles cooked to perfection – and I cannot disagree. The tempura was heaven in my mouth – the batter was fluffy, and still tasted every bit tempura despite sinking (due to my carelessness) in the Soba broth.

I would definitely go back to try their other rice meals, particularly the Ebi or mixed tempura dish.

moshi koshi, robinsons galleria, restaurant, Japanese, oyakodon, tonkatsu

Maine wanted to try the noodle dishes too, but the tonkatsu lover in her prevailed so she opted for the Oyakodon.

Over all, the place is perfect for friends looking for variety in their fast food choices, though not really for dinner meetings because the place doesn’t have WiFi and sockets. Quiet, spacious, though the air conditioning needs to be a tad adjusted. Servings-wise, it would really fill you up. I made a small mistake by pairing the Soba with rice because the Japanese kind is heavy, which resulted to a serious food coma mere minutes after finishing the meal. Everything else in their menu sounds interesting, but I’ll leave it to the more adventurous when it comes to food 🙂 

Moshi Koshi is located at 4/F Robinsons Galleria, West Wing.


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