Popping in on this Tuesday to share with you a music website I discovered through one of my good friends/former officemate, Carla.

Who works better when there’s music on, whether in-ear or as ambiance? I do! Especially when I don’t know the song/s being played. I guess because it brings my focus more to what I should be doing rather than singing along to the song.

8tracks.com is a mixtape/playlist site where you have (quite literally) more than a million playlists to choose from. If you’re feeling a bit laidback or chill, go through the ‘Chill’ tag and just select a random playlist to be your background music. I’ve been on it for hours now and I keep on discovering playlist after playlist after playlist. It’s like having an updated iPod playlist every time! I love it! Whatever mood you’re in, there’s a track to go with it 🙂

Here are the playlists I’ve so far added to my Categories:

8tracks, music

I seriously don’t know which one to listen to first! The feeling of knowing that the songs are random and unknown to me excites me. Geek much? 🙂


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