There’s a new Twist in town!

What are the perks of working within Ortigas Center? 1) You’re near a mall. 2) You’re near a mall. Or 3) You’re near a mall. I guess the answer is pretty much obvious, which is why I don’t want to leave that area ever. So on a Saturday I don’t want to get into other details to, this corner store in Robinsons Galleria got my sweet tooth and taste buds crazier than Minions over a banana.

Twisted Candy, Robinsons Galleria

I’ve seen these little candy pills in celebrities’ Instagram posts before. I thought they were imported or sold exclusively online. Imagine my delight when I confirmed that these were the exact candies they were all gushing about!

What makes Twisted Candy unique is that the candies are handmade right in the store. The candies have different designs in the middle which just makes them more adorable.

Maine and I were at the store a little too early and we had to leave soon, so we didn’t get to see how these cute sweets are made.

Twisted Candy, Robinsons Galleria

That’s the area where the candies are made

There are about a gazillion (ok, exag) flavors and we wanted to try them all! The lady manning the shop was handing out free taste of the Watermelon flavor. That was what convinced us to buy!

Twisted Candy, Robinsons Galleria

Twisted Candy, Robinsons Galleria

Check out their functional and eco-friendly packaging. They have two different-sized bottles which you can just buy refills of when your candy runs out. They also have a resealable pouch so you can take the candies on the road with you.

Twisted Candy, Robinsons Galleria

Maine got for herself the Salted Caramel flavor. I, on the other hand, am a sucker for citrusy-sour flavors when it comes to hard candies so I got the Citrus Mix for myself and the Strawberry flavor for Mama.

Twisted Candy, Robinsons Galleria

I can’t wait to start nibbling on these cuties! They’re perfect for when you’re stuck in traffic or maybe bored in the office.

Visit Twisted Candy at 3L Jumpstreet, Eastwing, Robinsons Galleria and give yourself a treat this weekend. If you’re in the QC area, they also have a branch at the third floor of The Block, SM North Edsa.


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