Chuvaness for Android

Working for a company that develops mobile apps, it’s a requirement to watch out for fresh apps released in the market.

As I was going through my Twitter feed earlier, I saw Chuvaness RT a tweet from Divasoria with a caption that read something like “road-testing the Chuvaness app!” A few clicks and a little help from our Android team after, I have Chuvaness goodness in my gadget.


You get about five pages of her most recent blog and Instagram posts. Not a lot, you might think. But if you’re an avid (or frequent) reader, you’ll know that the it’s the content that makes the blog (and the blogger!) matter so much. To some, she might come out as too strong or too blunt (she doesn’t like to sugarcoat her thoughts) but trust me, that’s what’s going to get you hooked. Her blog can also be an instant travel guide – her impeccable taste for airports and bathrooms are hilarious yet will guarantee you your best travel ever. With this app, it sure makes it easier for jetsetters to get tips while on the go.

Download the Chuvaness app on Android. Now.


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