Much as we all want the biting cold air we enjoyed until mid-February, reality is the sun has officially taken over. It’s time to ditch the layers, shed some pounds, and start bringing sexy back!


I’m not exactly beach-ready yet, so here’s a sort of “what’s in my bag” post to kick-off the summer 🙂




Transparent bags have ‘summer’ written all over them. But who says you can only strut them on the beach? SM Department store has colorful choices that will definitely help you channel the beach vibe even if you’re in the middle of the city.

And speaking of SM Department Store, their branch in Cubao just had a three-day sale (my wallet is crying, BRB haha!) and I scored this lovely pair of pants and sandals:



I scored these at half the price off! The moment my eyes landed on them, I immediately knew I had to have it. The fabric is light, which gives you plenty ventilation.


I got stuck in the sandals craze, and what better time to enjoy these babies than in the summer! I swear I had the hardest time choosing which pair to get because they were all so pretty.

PicsArt_1362303393754I have a thing for cellphone cases, and this one is nothing but eye candy.

PicsArt_1362303632654Of course, it helps if you smell nice when you go about your day. Think about it, you’re doing everyone a favor if they happen to sit or stand beside you in a crowded area and you smell refreshingly nice. I’ve always been a fan of Bench scents – from Eight, H2O, Capture, and their celebrity lines. These two are my current favorite scents from Kris Aquino and Georgina Wilson. ‘Purple’ is more of for evening or formal, while ‘XOXO George’ is perfect for the day and on laid back weekends.

What are your summer must-haves?






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