Posh love!

A friend of mine commented that my recent posts are all about food, this is slowly turning into a food blog!

I’m not a foodie, therefore I don’t really think that the food entries would qualify as ‘legit’ reviews. I’m just merely a fan of eating out whenever and wherever I can. I cannot, for the life of me, identify ingredients in what I’m eating. Plus I mentioned before that one of the perks of working in Eastwood is your just an arm’s reach to a lot of food choices.

So to give you a break from all things food, here’s a fashion/beauty entry dedicated to my ‘happy place’.


I get my ‘me-time’ fix on weekends at Posh Nails. My favorite branch is the one in Tomas Morato. Aside from it being really near my house, it has such a relaxing ambiance. There’s really a big difference between stand-alone shops and those located in malls. They also have a wider selection of nail polish. Aside from the standard OPI, Orly, and China Glaze, they have Deborah Lippmann, Essie, and my current favorite Zoya.

2013-02-17 14.57.01

The additional perk of this branch is random sightings of celebrities. Since it’s near GMA and ABSCBN, I’ve so far seen Ehra Madrigal, Sam Pinto, Sunshine Cruz, and Nica Peralejo. I fondly call that couch beside the counter the ‘artista couch’, because that’s where most of them sit 🙂

However, if Tomas Morato isn’t really your area or you want to relax after shopping, I would recommend the equally quiet and relaxing branch in SM North Edsa’s The Annex.


There’s nothing more satisfying than looking at perfectly manicured nails and toes. I’ve received compliments about the color of my nails, or their shape. I was not gifted with the talent and patience to do my own nails, so thank God the nail technicians in both branches know their stuff!

One of the funnest tasks in the world is deciding the color of your nails. If there’s a tray-full of polishes in front of you, all colors seen to pop and you just want to pick them all! I try to stir clear from my favorite color (purple) for some reason, and I’m so glad their arsenal of colors allow me to be playful with my nails. My favorites so far:

2012-08-06 23.54.42

My New Year’s Eve nails:

2012-12-31 10.28.54

What I have on as of writing:

2013-02-17 15.44.22

I was also able to try their Orly Gel Polish service. It takes a lot longer to apply (took me an hour-and-a-half just for the hands) and a bit pricey, but it sure was worth it! Not a single chip until I decided to switch to a new color, which was more than two weeks since I applied it.

Thanks Posh Nails for the always lovely service!



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