Traffic buster

You’re on the road, the usual Friday rush hour traffic ahead of you. Meeting number one, check. Meeting number two, next. The normal travel time is doubled, and you think to yourself will I make it back at the office before the work day ends?

But back to the matter at hand, which is Manila traffic on a Friday. How do you get through the gridlock without the urge of strangling the neck of your driver?  What I did was whip out the iPad (not mine, they are just conveniently lying around in the office. In this case, our Sales Exec is using it!) and popped environmental hazards away.

I introduce to you: ENVIROPOP


It’s very simple and easy to play. Just tap three or more hazards (PET bottle, cyanide, trawl net, and oil) and swipe the screen to eliminate them.


But the devil is in the details: this is a game that WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) co-created with AppLabs Digital Studios to spread awareness about the Philippine seas’ endangered creatures. These creatures are represented by Doogie the Dugong, Gary the Grouper, Pattie the Pawikan, Clara the Clownfish, Dolly the Dolphin, and of course WWF’s very own Chi-chi the Panda. The four hazards are what these lovable sea creatures face in real life everyday. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of what happened to the Tubbataha Reef just a couple of weeks back. Imagine how many real-life Pattie’s lost their home because of the wreck.

Of course all of us can’t go all the way to Palawan or Bicol to clean up the seas, that’s why WWF will do that for us through this app. In order for WWF to go to the homes of our sea friends, we all have to help them by downloading the full Enviropop app at just $0.99 (roughly Php40). There’s also a Lite version that’s free for download so that you can still get to know Chi-chi and friends.


There’s also a section in the app called ‘Enviropedia’ which will give you a brief idea of the creatures’ current situation, where can they be found, and other relevant stuff.

So the next time you find yourself stuck in Manila traffic, remember you’ve got these adorable sea animals to keep you company. If that’s not a stress reliever, I don’t know what else is!

Download the app here:

And find out more about the app here:



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