The Tiger says…



Better late than never!

And in true Chinese New Year tradition, here’s an excerpt from the Philippine Star’s forecast for the Tiger babies like me for Year of the Water Snake:

“You have the essential traits of your animal zodiac sign: you can be graceful in your ways but also dangerous when provoked. You are sharp and intelligent and quick to leap to action when called for. Yet beneath that is a kind and nurturing soul that is highly protective of people close to you. Where it affects your young ones, you can be both vengeful and unrelenting. You are prone to having mercurial mood changes. Your strong self-discipline balances this, and your intense disposition can bring you good fortune. You exhibit strong inclination towards sports and have the inherent qualities of a leader. You are the person others would have around them during a crisis situation because you are quick to action and is hardly fazed. Your intensity may be intimidating to some, and people often feel fear rather than love for you. But to those who know you well, you are the loving rather than the ferocious Tiger others perceive you to be. Your family and friends are assured of protection in your company.”

Read up on your Chinese zodiac here.


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