On the Lust List

Hello. It’s a Saturday and I’m just spending it at home. I had an interesting exchange of emails with someone last night (well, ’til around past-midnight) about sneakers, watches, shirts, etc. etc… So let’s turn this post to a vision board, shall we?

Nike 'Lazy But Talented' shirt

I saw this on a girl when the fam bam watched Les Mis at Robinsons Magnolia. Wanted it the minute I saw it – IT’S SO ME! Haha!

Nike SB shirt in purple

I don’t skate, heck, I can’t even balance myself on a skateboard, but I like a lot of Nike Skateboard stuff. Not that I wear them.. but it’s a long story why I’m hooked. I just want to get my hands on this purple baby.

Image from Sole Slam Manila Concept Store

Image from Sole Slam Manila Concept Store

Not for me! Though I was the one who suggested to get this instead of the Black Cement 😉 Rock ’em sneaks!

Casio A178WG

Yes, I’ve joined the bandwagon and I want one on my wrist – ASAP. This is the A178WG, which isn’t really what you normally see people wearing. I think most go for the A168, but since I’m a sucker for watches with big display I’ma get this.

Oh, the perils of online window shopping. Here we go again.

Let’s go get ’em babe!


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