#bloggerproblems: Tous les Jours

I introduce to you a new category in this blog, called “#bloggerproblems”.

When time and funds permit, my good friends from the office and I try out new places around Eastwood. Most of the time it’s food-related, and you know the drill: when the food hits the table, we whip out our cameras before we eat anything; or take photos of the place before we actually order anything.

The trip to J.Co was technically our first Blogger Problems adventure, but I’m kicking it off with our recent trip to the French-Korean bakery, Tous les Jours.

Tous les Jours is located near Quizno’s and True Value, if you’re familiar with those, you won’t have a hard time finding TLJ. For those who still get lost inside Eastwood City, the easiest route would be to cut through Central Plaza (where the bazaars are), turn left when you reach the fountain, then go straight until you see Blue Onion to your right. From there, turn right and it’s just a few minutes walk.

I’ve tried TLJ treats at SM Hypermart in SM North Edsa before, so when Maine and Janelle said they wanted to try the one in Eastwood, of course I had to go too!

It’s a self-serve kind of bakery, so it’s a good thing that there’s big enough space inside for you to go and look around before taking your pick.


The center display houses most of their bestsellers (ohai, Dulsey!)



We were going to watch Les Miserables after, and since we were so full from lunch and office merienda (c/o of our Boss’ birthday!) we just decided to bring TLJ breads to the movie. This was my choice:


It had a croissant-ish crust, and the middle was filled with cheese and sweet onion goodness! (I took the last piece, hehe)

But I’m DEFINITELY coming back for this one:


Here’s what I ended up buying: Danish Pizza Bread, Red Bean Bread (for Papa, he liked this the first time we bought at SM North), and Corn Cream Bread (for Mama, who loves anything with cheese in it)


The verdict: 4/5

Even though I didn’t get to eat my danish pastry during the movie (long story!) it still tasted good when I ate it right after. I really like eating bread when it’s hot, but it managed to be not so rock solid despite being cold. Mama loved the Corn Cream Bread, too!

They’re reasonably priced, and aside from their breads you can also try to check out their cakes and beverages when you dine in.



‘Tis all I can say! ❤


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