FINALLY, AN UPDATE! Consider it a hiatus of sorts. Okay, okay, I just made ‘lazy’ sound profound. But well, I’m back and my blog will be in full swing as well, soon. This post is to wipe off the dust that settled on my blog over the last few months.
So I just recently inherited Mama’s Samsung Galaxy Y. I don’t really have much need for it – I’m Blackberry-dependent. My entire social media life is there, plus my three e-mails that are synced [two personal, one work]. So why did I decide to still go for the Galaxy? One simple answer: APPS.
Let’s face it, the BB is great and all, but not all apps are available [especially for me who’s stuck at OS 5]. So once I did a makeover of the phone – theme, display settings, etc. – this app-eager girl went to the Play Store to well, play.
Here are the apps that I most frequently use:

INSTAGRAM – So call me a late-bloomer, haha! I see a lot of the friends, bloggers and celebrities I follow have their own accounts, and it kind of bummed me that I don’t have one. Some photos they post were just for their Instagram followers, and it’s a hassle to click on a link and wait for the photo to download. Now I don’t have to do that! Plus the filters are kinda cute, too.

MUZY – Because I want to make collages. And they look cute, too.

LABEL BOX – An app that lets you add funky labels to your photos.

FRUIT NINJA – Seriously. Who doesn’t play this game?!!

4SHARED – for music downloads on the go.

MOON+ READER – Probably my favorite among the apps. I’ve so far downloaded JK Rowling’s new book, The Casual Vacancy. I’m currently reading The Fault In Our Stars. 

REMINED – Did you know there’s a company here in the Philippines that develops apps for iOS and Android? Well, now you do! The ReMINEd app is very helpful for shopaholics out there [or frustrated ones, like me]  who see an item, want to buy it, but for some reason can’t have it at the moment. Just take a snap of the item you want, set a goal date for yourself when you would or should buy that item, and set an alarm on that date. Nifty, huh? Stuff you ‘want’ can range from as simple as a designer bag to your dream house. It’s a cool goal-setting app.
So those are what’s on the home screen of my Galaxy Y phone. I know it’s small and not as advanced as the other gadgets out there but hey, it’s making me get by with the apps I can’t have in my BB. 
#Ismellanupgrade HAHA! 😉
How about you? What’s on your list?

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