Tagaytay x Nuvali

Left Manila around 8:30am last Sunday because we wanted to catch the 11am Mass. The crazy schedule that I have gives me a real hard time sleeping to wake up early. I got used to sleeping at 3am (sometimes even 6am) already!

Look closely – my right eye is smaller than my left. Told you it’s too early!
We got there in time for the 10am Mass, and because we skipped heavy breakfast, we were starving! Robinsons Summit Ridge had good choices for lunch. We were going for inasal, but the traditional dining table-like setup of Jeepney caught our attention.

Not to mention their P99 unlimited rice Food Trip meals! Mama and I had inihaw na liempo, while Papa had nilagang baka. I wanted to order chicken barbeque, and it was so funny because first I asked which chicken part was available, and the waiter had to go to the kitchen to ask. Then I asked how many pieces per order (assuming that he knew), and I was surprised he again went to the kitchen to ask! What’s sad was he came back to tell me it wasn’t available 😦 I wish he knew beforehand so that he didn’t have to go back twice.
Serving portions were good. The first cup of rice was already good enough for me. 

Next stop was Bag of Beans, then Mama bought plants because she woke up one day and wanted to change the ones we have in front of our house now. Then we swung by last to Nuvali and Solenad in Laguna. Pretty place! You can feed the koi fish and take a boat ride for P15 and P30, respectively. Plus the shopaholic in me did pirouettes at the sight of the Aldo Liquidation Store in Solenad.
I seriously lack sleep and I want to sleep normally so, so badly! But my body clock is on something worse than a jet lag! I guess I’ll just go deal with this by writing a semi book review.

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