Ripped jeans, skin was showing

Spent a quick Sunday getaway in Tagatay with my parents. It’s really the nearest and most convenient to go to if you want some fresh air to clear your mind.

Knowing how the weather can be so bipolar lately, I decided to go for this handmade crochet top by Obra Et Alima. I first used it for our trip to Boracay as a cover-up, but paired with jeans this can double as a top. I remember using it one time in the office and I always got asked if I wasn’t freezing in it. Haha! In the contrary, it’s actually quite warm – but I can’t explain how that can happen when there are holes on it. 

And yes, you read that right, this is handmade by one of my good friends! She, along with her sisters, run the online shop and you can check out their other creations on their Facebook page. You can have it customized  – just send them your peg and trust me they do justice to it! 
Obra Et Alima top; Wrangler ‘Lena’ jeans; SM Department store bag; Hush Puppies shoes; Cybershades aviators; bazaar watch; Our Tribe red leather cuff
I’m currently loving this everything-in-it bag that I got from SM Department Store. You can’t see the color of my nails, but used with this bag it looks like I hugged Barney! And oh, I didn’t take off my sunnies the entire time! Aside from being hopelessly addicted to aviators, they were so lightweight I didn’t mind having them on most of the time.
So that’s the ‘skin was showing’ part. Ripped jeans? When we were about to leave Nuvali (our last stop) I discovered in real horror (as in curse-inducing horror) that my favorite Lena jeans has this hideous rip on the butt part! I don’t remember how that happened and worse, how long have I been walking around with that big slash on my butt. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t the scenario Carly Rae Jepsen was talking about! Haha! Oh well. I guess I have to say bye-bye to that pair and get another one soon.

Photo dump coming up!


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