Anywhere, with you.

This team building took six months to plan, no kidding! Even though it finally happened during the ‘rainy season’, we’re so thankful it didn’t rain during the two days that we were in Ilijan, Batangas. We got to enjoy the waves, stones (yes, stones. There was no sand in sight!), and most especially the drinks and the food! 

Much thanks to Cindy’s boyfriend, Neil, for accommodating the crazy bunch in his home; to Bob for the super panalo Bicol Express (less spice, as per TL Ross) and Bopis; Maria for the three HUGE grilled Tilapia; Paulo for giving into the pressure of going with us (toss coin ka pa d’yan, ha!); Cai for the van na ang lakas maka-celebrity; and of course TL Ross for the stressful logistics! Haha!

Sore body, skin burning like hell, and a screaming tan line on my back: evidence of a solid good times weekend!!! 

*Photos grabbed from Cai and Abie’s cam*


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