Midnight melancholy

There must be something in that grande Cookie Crumble frap. Or this terrible episode of headache that I have.

There must be something in the way the city lights glow in the distance. The Ortigas skyline could not be any prettier.

There must be something in the cold wind that brushes your face. The sudden downpour of rain. The hum-drum of a hundred engines going toward their destinations.

It’s the pleasant surprise and reassurance of seeing a familiar face in an uncertain crowd. For some reason, you know things are going to be alright.

The way your heart smiles at the thought of how blessed you are to have the perfect combination of people in your life. They may not be a lot, but you know they got your back.

How you don’t have to talk about other people’s lives just to prove to yourself that you’re better than them. How at the end of the day, you know you don’t have everything you want, but still manage to get by.

The short conversations, hysterical laughters and shallow drama that friendship brings. How being in their company gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling. You know they’re just a short distance away – but it’s entirely different being WITH them.

How your heart heaves a sigh of grief over unrequited love, and how your brain consoles you with friendship that will not be lost.

Uncovering friendships and discovering which ones are for keeps.

Cheers to staying true. To hell with drama. 


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