In which you can say superficial

Let me start off this post by saying I never had weight issues. I was never one of those girls who wanted to have a stick-thin body. I can read through pages and pages of  fashion magazines and not feel a tinge of envy. I guess I just knew that that kind of body was reserved for the high-fashion world and well, I live in the real world. 

I love to eat. There was an episode in my childhood that I rejected all sorts of food. No, I wasn’t dieting. I just didn’t want to eat. Period. I was rockin’ anorexia before it was cool. KIDDING. Needless to say, I got over it and now I can’t seem to stop eating. How can a person resist food!?

This ‘love’ for eating started in college, back when I thought my weight was invincible because I could virtually eat anything and not gain weight. 

2007 – our block’s pizza party at the house of one of our professors

That was a year before graduation. Not-so-muffin-top, check. Collar bone visible, check. Back then, my mom would cast long looks at me and ask me if I’ve been eating because I look too thin in my uniform. One of my professors would even say ‘Melai, kumain ka nga!’ 

2009 – at Baang Coffee
2010 – at Kopi Roti
I started working just two months after college. Mom cast this ‘forecast’ that I would eventually gain some weight once I start working – she said every fresh college grad in her first job did. And damn, I did! I wasn’t stressed at all in my first job. I had all the time to eat (there you go), I practically sat all day (except for the times I had to go to the canteen to – yes – eat), and the office was so near our house I was brought to and fetched from work everyday. Plus it didn’t help that food would land in the Editorial department at any given time. One day there’s cake, the next there’s a bilao of pancit
I did try to diet though. I ate oatmeal for breakfast and dinner, and just had half rice for lunch. I also stopped drinking soda. But when I started to see that the diet was taking effect, I let it all go and went back to eating rice. I haven’t been on a diet again since.

2011 – fresh seafood lunch after island hopping

Then Boracay happened. I wasn’t going to fool myself into crash-dieting for three months! Thus, the result. 

2012 – after C2 Cuisine’s menu launch

Oversized tops and shape wears are my new best friends. But it can only conceal too much. There’s still a big difference if at the end of the day you look the same as you do in your photos.

One of my friends has this habit of pinching my arms whenever we pass by each other. The day he called me ‘chubby’ (I don’t hate you for it!) was the day I kind of thought to myself this ‘I-love-to-eat-I-don’t-care’ is getting out of hand. The real wake up call was when my legs began to lock whenever I walk from our office to where I ride the jeepney to Cubao. It’s relatively short distance, but I always have this mini heart attack when they lock in the middle of walking. And yesterday at Mass, again my legs felt like they were about to give way – just for standing up for about 10 minutes!

I guess that was my body’s cry for help already. Three signs I know I shouldn’t be ignoring. This week, I promised myself I’d start running. Then maybe more physical workouts at home since I can’t (READ: expensive) go to the gym. Then hopefully, diet.

Too bad I live quite far from my friends who run or want to run, I’m sure it would be more fun if there was a bunch of us. Maybe on one weekend we can plan something. 

I posted this here just so I have a reminder of why I want and have to do this. To remind myself that it’s not just for vanity’s sake (don’t get me started on Lissa Kahayon’s abs…) but also because I can do something before things get out of hand. 

I’m still thinking whether I should post a sort of progress report. Is that a good idea?

**FUN FACT: Incidentally, there was food involved in all photos posted here. I only realized it when I was going through the entry already. Added captions! Lol


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