Tasty Thursday

I do not even know where and how to begin this.

Ever since Madel’s invitation to the launch of C2 Classic Cuisine’s launch, I have to admit it was all what Maine and I looked forward to for almost a week. As I am only a ‘foodie’ in terms of eating (I can burn a kitchen, haha) I thought of bringing with me Cai, since by experience I know she knows her way around the kitchen; or Paulo because he has a way with food. Neither could make it so I went head-on alone in my first ever food blogging experience.

C2 is operated by the Cravings Group and is an affiliate of Center for Culinary Arts. They serve redefined classic Filipino comfort food – from sinigang to halo-halo – you’d think it’s an entirely new dish.

Today, they invited a handful of Facebook fans and bloggers to sample the latest additions to their menu this 2012. 

Chef Oliver took us through the ingredients and inspirations behind every dish and the new look of C2 Greenhills. The interior’s look is now more homey and more Filipino, accented by the mural paying homage to the Ortigas area. 

He also runs Casa Roces, a Spanish-Filipino restaurant which is right across Malacanang.

The weather was just perfect for the first dish that began what would be a glorious food coma: Grilled Liempo Sinigang

In true C2 fashion, the broth is served separately from the meat and vegetables. You can enjoy the grilled liempo as it is, and you can smother your rice with the sinigang broth. The combination seems unlikely but they actually complement each other. Plus, their sinigang has just the right amount of sourness to it.

The Tinolang Binakol was brought out along with the sinigang.

It’s the classic tinola (one of my homemade favorites) but C2 served it with another Filipino noodle staple – sotanghon. 

This bibingka-like dish is called Tortang de Canghero. It’s crab meat omelet with vegetables, topped with the same garlic-y sauce that goes with their Lumpiang Hubad.

Of course, a true Filipino meal is never complete without rice.

We were served Bringhe (top) which is stir-fried rice with Chinese chorizo, chicken, and vegetables. The clincher for this is the coconut cream. It’s not overwhelming – just the right kick to give it that surprising burst of flavor once it hits your mouth. The Adobo Rice (bottom), meanwhile, is another Filipino dining staple. I guess you can never go wrong with this.

Then it’s time for another pork dish, Kinilaw na Liempo.

I was actually not able to try this dish because I was so busy with the Bringhe. But according to Maine, there was a hint of spice in it.

And then they brought out what is now OFFICIALLY, my sworn C2 favorite: Walastik!

It’s C2’s take on the ultimate Bistek (slang for beef steak) Tagalog. What makes it uniquely C2’s is the fact that it’s not only beef that’s in it, but pork liver too. And I loved the onion rings! Like what Chef Oliver said, we’re used to the onions served together with the bistek so he decided to shake things up a bit and make onion rings instead. Genius.

We took a break from the meat and made room for Grilled Gindara.

Don’t let the fact that it’s grilled fool you – the fish was actually tender! 

The last of the main course was Sotanghon Guisado. 

C2 aims to re-create the familial feeling of shared meals in a typical Filipino household, hence the serving sizes of all their dishes are meant for sharing. This was a perfect example. It was more than good for three! 

Yes, there MUST be room for dessert.

Who wouldn’t love some good old Palitaw?!
Around this time all of us were feeling full already. I thought the Palitaw was the last but wait! there’s more!


The sun was beginning to peep from the clouds and the halo-halo was a perfect way to end lunch. One of the reasons I’m not fond of eating halo-halo is the ridiculous amount of ice I have to chew after I get past the ingredients on top. C2’s halo-halo is an exception to that because the ice is blended – think frappucino-style ice. It wasn’t a chore eating it! And the sweet coconut jam (which almost everyone guessed to be caramel) more than satisfied our sweet tooth.

Prior to today, C2 was synonymous to just ‘Crispy Kare-Kare’ in my mind. Now that I know there’s more to discover in their menu, for sure I’m coming back to try the rest and for more of what I got to sample this afternoon. 

Thanks again to the team – Kat, Rafael, Madel, Chef Bless and Chef Oliver – for having us! Will definitely see you again soon 🙂

Now, I’m off to sleep with Bringhe dreams! 


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