Sweet treats

Today was a food trip of sorts. I’m going to do a reverse post and start with the ‘post-dessert’ Maine, Janelle and I had.


Going to Greenhills is (somewhat) not complete without making a stop at Happy Lemon. I FINALLY got to sample the Coffee with Oreo Cookies and Cream!


Though nothing really special, it’s a good break from the usual Rock Salt and Cheese I get.


Practically EVERYONE in my Facebook and Twitter timeline has been posting pictures of the much-talked-about Magnum ice cream. The marketing / PR team behind this dessert should pat themselves on the back for sending everyone to their nearest grocery / convenience store to try the Classic, Almond and Truffle flavors.

For me it was a toss-up between the Almond and the Truffle one. But since Truffle’s been getting all the rave, I decided to go with it.

After the effort of scouring Greenhills (from Unimart to Mercury to at last, Caltex 7-11), the verdict: nothing special too. It must have been the effect of too much sweets already, but in all honesty it didn’t bring the ‘wow’ flavor I was expecting. It is every inch Belgian chocolate and the chocolate coating complemented its creaminess. It’s just something I don’t see myself having a sudden craving for.

Mind you, I ate these two just right after hitting a food coma at C2 Classic Cuisine (which ultimately deserves a separate post). I swear my head felt bloated from all the sugar! I’m even skipping dinner now because I’m still full from today’s feast.

Goodbye, diet. 😉


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