Relax. Unwind. Reunite.

I originally wanted to see The Vow with some office-friends and Unofficially Yours with Maine two weeks ago. Sadly, I got sick on the day we were supposed to watch the former and plans to watch it evaporated into thin air. Good thing Unofficially Yours was still showing so Maine and I finally got to catch it yesterday.

Everyone was talking about how what a ‘risk’ this movie took and well, I knew why just by the opening scene.

I know relationships like that do exist and only one real rule applies: Una ma-in love, talo.

Then today, after how many plans to meet up, Jarvik, Jovy, Anj and I FINALLY pushed through with Baang day!

All of us are now on BBM so it’s easier to organize weekend dates. It’s kind of funny that we planned for BRUNCH and not a drinking session or clubbing. Sign of aging!? Unacceptable! Lol!

Baang’s nachos and Fries Overload are our comfort food! There was a time when eight of us had to share one platter of nachos! Poor lang ang peg! Anj, being the last one to arrive, bought the nachos.. and she brought homemade salsa to go with it 🙂 

Anj gave Jovy and Jarvik passes to watch Unofficially Yours since she’s part of the team who did the movie’s post production. I passed up to watch it again because I had to go to Posh Nails after our brunch.

And because we’re stage friends:

Talagang kinunan ng picture! Second name from the top! Haha! I do stay for the credits too if I know Anj did the editing. It’s true what they say that the only ‘high’ we media people get is if we see our names in the finished product. The feeling is really very rewarding.

After Baang, I had some me-time at Posh Nails. Probably my favorite out of the nail salons I’ve tried 🙂 Great ambiance, super cute interiors, not to mention celebrity sightings especially on weekends. Last time I saw Sam Pinto, this time Sunshine Cruz was there.

This was the waxing area where I had my … eyebrows waxed. I’ve always gone for threading and it’s my first time to try to have my brows waxed. In fairness, less painful and less tears! Yes, no matter how used I am to the feeling of threading I still get teary-eyed right after. So I guess I’m going to stick to brow waxing from now on.

It was three-way tie among red, tan, and this glittered-black polish. The bottle had a masking tape label that read ‘Nicki Minaj’ so I guess she wore this or a similar polish? Couldn’t say no to glitters so I guess the red and tan have to wait. By the way, the glitters are actually embossed and they’re sequin-like. Love!

Having a great weekend so far. So thankful that I got to spend time and laughs with girlfriends since this week has been a confusion of sorts for me. Nice to spend two days not brooding over something that I *sort of* regret not doing something about.

Hope you have an awesome weekend 🙂


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