Once upon a weekend

I think my blog has died. Imagine the horror when I saw the last entry was dated January 23. A MONTH! So much for blogging.

Anyway. Moving forward. [–proof that work is rubbing off on me.]

Weekends are usually reserved for me and my bed. Though I don’t need to wake up super early for work everyday [6am sounds reasonable enough, yes?], nothing beats the feeling of opening my eyes to find out it’s 9am already.

One of the best places to go for a laidback weekend is Bonifacio High Street. I’m a sucker for high-rise buildings beside each other but BHS is so quiet and ‘fresh’ that the structures just look like backdrops.

This is actually a new area across ROX. I swore this time that I wouldn’t pass up the chance to finally try Jamba Juice – and this is where it’s located.

Price-wise, it’s like the Starbucks of fruit juices, but once it hits your taste buds you won’t regret it. I tried Caribbean Passion, which is a mix of passion fruit, peaches, mango, and strawberry [if I remember correctly!]. The only time I take in fruits is when they’re turned into a smoothie, that’s why I’m a big fan of juice bars[?] like Big Chill, Fruitas, Mondo, Juice Avenue and now, Jamba Juice.

Oversized top – Kisses & Co.; Denim shorts – Wrangler; Shoes – Melissa; Shades – Bazaar; Bag – Payless Shoe Source
The oversized top was perfect for the ‘wind effect’ at BHS… plus what spells summer better than nautical stripes, right? 🙂 Shorts are a staple in my closet – I don’t know how my weekends and nights-out would be without them! Haha!

I don’t normally do ‘outfit shots’ so forgive me if it’s not as polished as what you normally see on my favorites’ blogs like Laureen Uy and Camille Co – I had to make do with a phone camera! [Ehem! Friends with DSLRs?!] And sobrang inaabot ako ng hiya once I see a lot of people walking by! And Mama had to put up with all the ‘I-want-my-shoes-to-be-seen’ drama! Haha!

Well, Sunday’s winding down and it’s back to reality for all of us. Hope you had an awesome weekend!


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