Tresses in distress

My hair is at the longest it’s ever been.

I’ve always wanted long, cascading locks like Ashley Benson’s and Blake Lively’s, but cutting it always gets the better of me.

Not to totally brag or anything, but ever since I started resisting the urge to chop it, I’ve gotten compliments on how longer hair suits me better. There are still mornings that I get stressed when I see how unruly it looks, but I’ve come to appreciate the “magulo” look as time went on.

Cut to today, a lazy Sunday and I flip the TV open to an episode of Mega Young Designers 2012. Meryll Yan, one of the judges and editor for the magazine chopped her hair into a bob. I saw her during the launch of and her hair was up in an intricate braid, so imagine my surprise when I saw her sporting a bob.

I couldn’t get the cut out of my mind so I Googled for her photo just now.

That’s her in the middle. [I forgot where I grabbed this photo. If you happen to see this entry and you took/own this photo, do tell me!]

Then this was how she looked during Mega’s 10 Most Beautiful

She curled it! So my ambitions to curl my hair has hope!

You have no idea how much I wanted to head to Menage in Trinoma to have my hair cut today! Buti na lang my stylist times off at 7pm – in short, hindi ko siya aabutan! But I swear this Saturday my hair will be shedding some inches 🙂


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