Dec. 3 pt. 2: Smart Dream Cup

Oh ‘di ba, lakas maka-Twilight Saga! May part two pa!

There’s just too much kwento for this post it deserves a separate entry :)) 

So after Treston, Maine and I trekked back to Serendra/High Street area to look for a restaurant that will show the Smart Dream Cup broadcast over Studio 23. We checked out the open food court at Market Market (where Gilligan’s and Gerry’s is) but they either didn’t have TVs or they were turned off. 

Maine was beginning to panic that we might miss the game (Nooooooooo!!!!) so we hurriedly crossed Serendra to High Street. One of my friends suggested we watch at TGI Friday’s and he wasn’t wrong! When we got there though a party just finished so we had to wait. The waitress then called us and gave us bar top seats “para kitang-kita niyo po ‘yung TV.” Perfect ka, teh!

We were way too early so we challenged ourselves to stretch whatever we were eating for two hours! Haha! There weren’t much people when we took our seats, just three guys across us who I assume are cousins or something. 

Here’s what I ordered

It’s Fried Mac ‘n Cheese – these nuggets had mac ‘n cheese inside! Ang sarap! #happytummy You’d think six pieces are bitin but they were actually filling!

Photo: Maine Aquino

Maine had uhm … Chicken Fingers with Fries :)) Well, that’s what left of it haha!

Photo: Maine Aquino

No, we did not attack those bottles. Tempting though!

Finally, the game starts!

I admit, I missed watching these guys playing together. Whenever I’d see a tweet from the guys who flew in (Ott, Jonsson, De Jong, Greatwich, Gier) saying that in a few hours they’d be in Manila, I got goosebumps! It’s like superheroes coming together… like Power Rangers!

Too bad Aly Borromeo was sidelined because of his ACL injury, but I’m sure he was thrilled as everyone else when Landon Donovan (Galaxy’s captain) tweeted him yesterday morning asking if they could trade jerseys after the game. I don’t follow US soccer but when I saw Donovan, I went daaaaayymmm!! What is it with me and good looking captains!? Lol! Others who were missed as well were Simon Greatwich, Neil Etheridge and Roland Muller.

My Twitter timeline was off the hook! Early in the first half #GoAzkals was the fourth trending topic worldwide. And I loved it that Jason De Jong also trended when he came in for Manny Ott. The reactions on Twitter were priceless, especially Mark Nicdao’s who was probably tweeting as he spoke. 

We all know what went down already – first goal by Beckham! There’s the frustration BUT THEN AGAIN David Beckham! Goal! In Rizal Memorial! Are you kidding me! I don’t know if the little fist pump that Anton del Rosario did after that goal was out of frustration or sheer joy. 

But we have Phil Young-freakin-husband to thank for that lone goal for the Azkals on the scoreboard. Must’ve been the embroidered boots, eh? Crowd and threats of Maine leaving me be damned, I threw fist pumps and gave a loud whoop when he made the goal. 

THAT’S WHEN THE NEWS CREW CAME IN. All of a sudden there was a tripod, a camera that was DIRECTLY pointed at myself and Maine, a reporter, and lights. I was half-praying for another Azkals goal, half-praying for a Galaxy goal because if the former scored, FOR SURE our priceless fangirl reactions would be recorded in history (and God knows who would see it!) Somewhere in the reporter’s spiel, Maine and I were talking, eating, or tweeting in the background. Haha!

A stolen shot of the cameraman! Haha! One of the rare times the camera wasn’t pointed at us!

After dinner we just went around High Street. Wouldn’t let the day end without snapping a photo of our unintentional ‘matching’ outfits that Laureen Uy noticed.

Can you guess? … No? … There’s a zebra and a leopard on the loose! :))))

The match ended 6-1 to LA Galaxy. In the real world, that score would’ve been a disappointment. But we’re on a Beckham high so let’s all just let it slide and charge it to experience. Lighten up, guys! For sure our Azkals picked up a lot that will help them in their future games. It’s good that we cheer for them like they’re football rock stars already, but they themselves are the first ones to admit that they still have a LONG way to go to be up there with football greats.Baby steps. At least they got a taste of what it feels like to go up against big names in the sport. 

We’ll be welcoming 2012 with the AFC Challenge Cup in March. With this Dream Cup plus UFL exposure for some of the Azkals, we can expect a tougher, more experienced team. So keep on believing!

Congratulations to the whole team and to those behind this ‘dream’ event. Tickets were pricey but there was still a good turn out. Kaholeros as always pumping up the crowd and Blue Haired Fan even going from Head Kaholero to presscon moderator. It’s in my bucket list to meet him and have a photo taken with him in costume! Next time, we’ll make sure to watch live 🙂

We believe!


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