Dec. 3 pt. 1: Bloggers United 2

I’ve WAITED for Dec. 3 for so long! Ever since the frenzy of David Beckham, up to the minute Landon Donovan tweeted Aly Borromeo if they could trade jerseys after the game. 

But first in order for the day was Bloggers United 2. It was my first time to try the Fort Bus but thanks to Ana Gonzales’ instructions on her blog, Maine and I made it to Treston International College without fuss.

To say that Treston International College is nice is an understatement. They have good good facilities (so good, nangangain ng tanga yung restroom haha!) and it looked every bit like a school for hospitality management and business. You’d think you’re entering a hotel when you see the lobby! 

Bloggers United 2 took place at Treston’s gym – impressive! The air-conditioning was enough for the packed venue. After quickly scanning the first aisle of stalls, we stood by the stage where Divine Lee and Laureen Uy were hosting.

LOVED Divine Lee! Beki na beki lang! Victor Basa was also there, forever supportive to Divine ❤

And then the shopping begins! I promised myself I will restrain from buying accessories this time, so I attacked the racks and racks of clothes. I scored a purple vest from PoisonBerry for only P80, and a long-sleeved top from Lauren Dado’s I Am Bourgeois. Photos to follow, I promise!

Aside from the clothes, the other reason Maine and I went there were for the bloggers! It felt surreal to see the likes of Laureen Uy, Patricia Prieto, Lissa Kahayon and Paul Jatayna walking in front of us na parang wala lang!

First up: Kryz Uy
She was so cute trying to entertain those who wanted to take pictures with her while answering price inquiries. I don’t know which one of the ladies going around was part of her staff… it felt awkward to ask her mismo. I spotted this oversized cover-up and a horse-print top at just P250 each I wanted to buy SO badly! (It didn’t help that Maine was bullying me into buying them)

Loved the ‘Hype’ pin Kryz is wearing. Yes, I ‘hype’ you! ❤

Finally with Laureen Uy! ❤ So pretty and natural! Sobrang wala siyang ‘ere’ na artista as she moved around the venue, mingling with her fellow bloggers. She was the one who noticed mine and Maine’s (is that even gramatically correct?!) ‘matching’ outfits! Sa sobrang saya, wala kami parehas nasabi!

This is like an all-access pass to her closet!

And yes, I will say this without shame: I have a blogger-crush on Paul Jatayna ❤ When I saw him in his stall, I LITERALLY froze. Maine and I did rounds (and I mean rounds) of the other stalls before finally approaching him and ask for a photo. Lakas kasi maka-intimidate! But when I approached him he broke into a wide smile and even asked for our names. *Melts*

Also dropped by Ana Gonzales’ stall and showed Maine her handmade wire accessories. Loved them!

One of the bloggers who had a stall was a schoolmate of mine in high school who belonged to a higher batch. 
Bestie Konisis runs The Capricious Club. Coming from the same high school as hers makes me even prouder to be a Marian!

When we left, there was a “fashion debate” going on onstage and it was a battle among Team Flats, Team Wedges and Team Stilettos. If you ask me, I’d belong to Team Wedges and Team Flats… for the simple reason that I can’t walk on stilettos to save my life! Someday… haha!

As we left Treston, here’s a thought we found scary but at the same time interesting:

I think we just got a taste of that yesterday… and it wasn’t so bad! (If there’s Paul Jatayna, I’m in! Lol)

Congratulations to the organizers of Bloggers United 2! It was a success judging from the tweets from those who attended. Bloggers, readers, and followers were all happy! Looking forward to more events like this!


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