Backlog 1: Herword’s 10th anniversary

LIFE happened so I haven’t updated in a while… out with Piolo-KC, in with Mo-Rhian! Haha!

This is the mother of all backlogs so let me start with’s 10th anniversary celebration at Eastwood Central Plaza last Nov. 30.

I wasn’t able to go attend the talks for the day because I got to Eastwood around 6 p.m. already. There was a cooking demo by Flavors on Fire…

…who was also one of the two featured booths who gave free food to those who bought Passports

The other one was Hero Sausages

After eating dinner courtesy of Flavors on Fire, we watched an excerpt from Pinocchio, performed by Tanghalang Pilipino of the Cultural Center of the Philippines

Trivia: Tanghalang Pilipino stages The Virgin Labfest, which features plays that have never been performed. My Theater professor in college (one of my favorites) used to act in some of the plays in the Labfest. And another trivia: If you’ve seen Babae sa Septic Tank, the guy in blue (second from right) played the obnoxious director that Kean and JM’s characters ran into when they were brainstorming in a coffeshop. Siya yung galing sa Cannes at mahilig sa “ekspreso”!!

It was nice seeing the BusinessWorld peeps again! Here’s me with Danet, the Superwoman! 
Photo: Carla Alambra

Of course I wouldn’t let the day pass without buying something! I scored this ribbon connector ring from one of the stalls for only P75! ❤

Mama and I went to Eastwood Mall after watching the Pinocchio performance. There was a mini-bazaar happening, too!
Artwork top; Wrangler jeggings; Melissa flats

Congratulations to BusinessWorld, and the team! You guys were super 🙂 ‘Till your next event!

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