I don’t watch Sunday TV unless there’s a VERY GOOD reason to (which I can tick off using my 10 fingers). Yesterday was no exception until Alexander’s alert for Twitter started going off the hook late in the afternoon. It was all Piolo-KC everything. Too lazy to even try to look for a pirated version of the interview on YouTube, I just relied on Twittercast (at mas masaya ang mga comments, aminin niyo!)

This was bound to blow up in their faces the day Piolo said they were a couple. I don’t know anyone who didn’t think the whole relationship was a lie. And I don’t know anyone who doesn’t think Piolo’s, well, on a different team. So the break-up wasn’t the shock – it was KC’s ‘read between the lines’ interview that created the buzz (pun intended). 

I was exchanging tweets with Ishi and told her I think at some point, kawawa din si Piolo now that KC aired her side. Judging from what everyone’s saying, KC’s interview confeeeeeermed (mas matindi pa yan sa confirmed) that he’s gay, so whatever he says on his defense will just make him look stupid. Unless he comes out, which I HIGHLY doubt.

Earlier, TV Patrol aired some parts of KC’s interview and it’s the first time I saw how she looked and sounded during the interview. The girl is just plain crushed. Parang naging ganun na din yung ichura natin once upon a time, si KC nga lang yung diyosa version. Her voice cracked every other sentence, and you can see she’s trying (no, struggling) to be composed and keep the wailing broken-hearted girl at bay.

IF we are going to stick to the premise that he is gay, I’m pretty sure that she didn’t enter this relationship without more than warning bells ringing. Kung tayo ngang mere mortals convinced that he’s gay without even knowing him personally, how much more those around them? I tip my hat to her for admitting that she just acted like how a normal infatuated girl would – ikaw nga ba naman ligawan at suyuin ni Piolo ‘di ba? I guess it’s that infatuation that blinded her from the glaring truth – which I’m sure a LOT can relate to. 

     “Sa tingin ko, bakit ikaw ganyan? Ako ganito? Bakit parang hanggang sa huli, mag-isa lang ako rito?”

Was what she had to say when she’d see his reactions to questions about their relationship status. Yes, it sucks to see the other party carry on with his life as if everything’s normal while here you are trying to figure out how to survive the day the moment your eyes open. Hindi mo alam bakit kayang-kaya niyang tumawa ng wagas samantalang ikaw, on-cue ang luha. Well, ika-nga ng The Script, “when a heart breaks, no it don’t break even.”


 ka para sa sarili mo, at ang tiwalang ibibigay mo sa taong mamahalin mo, dapat alagaan ng taong mahal mo.”

The first part of what she said is just absolutely true. She said she gave so many chances and too much benefit of the doubt, and look where it got her. I’m not blaming her for it, nor in her faith that she could ‘transform’ him but sometimes, you need to listen to the people around you because they’re there for a reason. When friends tell us what they see we deny it to ourselves to the point that we shut them out. In the end we get an “I told you so…” (followed by “…sige sa’n tayo iinom mamaya?” Hahaha!)
We all have a tendency to give everything – in love, work, career – but we don’t notice we’re running out of gas. It’s OK to take a break when you think you’re giving too much already and get treated badly in return.

As for him … well coming out isn’t really the easiest thing to do but I’m going to stick to what I think: whatever he says will only make him look stupid, especially when it comes to his gender preference. I hope he doesn’t go on The Buzz next week or the week after or EVER to have his own tell-all (unless he’s coming out). 

He can be gay as much as he wants, nothing absolutely wrong with it. I think it’s even going to endear him to the public because it takes a lot if guts and risk to come out. It’s all about the image, though. Regina Belmonte and Jigs Mayuga have both cited Neil Patrick Harris as one of the openly out gays in Hollywood who convincingly plays a straight guy in How I Met Your Mother. Hirap kasi dito, not all actors are ACTORS, some are just in the industry for sheer good looks. I’m not saying he’s one of those, because he CAN act, but he’s a victim of this mentality in the industry. 
Ang sakit siguro sa bangs maging part ng PR team niya ngayon. Naisip ko lang.

Well, whether this is a publicity stint or not, I hope everyone picks something up from this … whether you’re a giver or in the closet.


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