Luxe Pre-Christmas Sale

A few entries back I talked about this online accessory shop called Quintessential Manila.Well my package arrived yesterday afternoon! πŸ™‚ I wore them today to the Luxe Pre-Christmas Sale at Il Terrazo.

I’ve been to Il Terrazo a couple of times already but I didn’t know they had a function room at the penthouse level! Good thing the bazaar organizers wrote ‘penthouse level’ on the posters in the area. 

When I got there weren’t a lot of people, as the function room wasn’t really big either. Goody’s booth welcomed bazaar-goers at the entrance. There was also a photowall and a big tarpaulin of Camille Co who’s one of the finalists in the Mango It Girl x Lookbook contest. Yummy looking cupcakes greeted me as I entered through the left door, then I went around the booths and saw Jonver David, who was manning the Punchdrunk Panda booth. I also spotted Dominique Tiu of Konichiwear going around. 

Shoppers checking out items on display
I was looking forward to seeing Ana Gonzales‘ handmade wire accessories in person but as luck would have it her box of accessories were left all the way in the south 😦 Ok lang ‘yan, I’ll make sure I’ll check them out in the next bazaars! I still got something from her collection though – a tassle belt!
Anagon tassle belt; Wrangler Bibi denim shorts
Yes, ako na ang excited I wore it right after I bought it! It was a real steal at just P100 so I couldn’t say no haha πŸ™‚

Most booths sold clothes, but All Buttoned Up laid out plumes and feathers and earrings. Yes my knees went jell-o at the sight of all the pretty colors!

I almost bought that blue-and-green feather earrings at the front, but in the end beads won me over

I can’t wait to wear them!

Here’s the Leopard Luxe ballet flats from POSH Pocket Shoes that I was talking about that I (sadly) wasn’t able to buy. Next time!!

Christmas is almost less than a month away and bazaars like this one is a great place to shop and avoid the holiday rush. There are more coming up in the following weeks so it’s best to check for announcements and updates from your favorite merchants. 

Merry shopping!


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