Posh for your pocket

It’s no joke running errands on a day when the Sun decides to bring it on. Add to the equation walking on sidewalks, people who don’t remember the KEEP RIGHT rule, and climbing flights of stairs! While I’m not one to deny that heels do give women a boost in attitude and confidence, I also agree that running around wearing them for a whole day can be major strain and stress.

I used to stash an extra pair of ballet flats or slippers under my desk so my feet can take a break once I reach the office. But when you’re out and about, how will you manage to fit an extra pair of shoes in your already jam-packed bag? (read: kikay kit, wallet, notebook and God knows what else)

THANK GOD FOR FOLDABLE SHOES. Yes, you read that right. In case you’ve been living under a rock, they’ve been around since last year, slowly making their way into bazaars and online selling sites like Multiply.

Last year, I got my first pair of POSH Pocket Shoes at Rockwell’s Moonlit Bazaar. 

Me with Nadine de Guzman, owner of POSH Pocket Shoes
POSH Pocket Shoes ‘Le Pliage’ Collection (credit to POSH Facebook Page)

That’s the pair I bought a year ago (Not actual photo. Do you seriously want to see it though? Haha!), and it survived what has got to be the heaviest rainfall in my commuting history! And because it’s foldable, it fits right into my bag! It doesn’t weigh a ton, either! Really, mas mabigat pa ang hardbound planner! When you unfold the pouch, it’s big enough to stuff in your killer heels. Say goodbye to unsightly paper bags! 

In just one year, POSH has released more chic, more stylish designs that are too pretty to resist. Get your hands on one this Saturday at LUXE, a pre-Christmas Sale at Il Terrazo, Tomas Morato (near ABSCBN).

I’m definitely checking out POSH’s Leopard Luxe and Snakeskin Patent! #megusta!

Entrance to the bazaar is free! Don’t pretend you can’t hear that little voice inside you saying “Shopping! Shopping! Shopping! Shopping!” :)) And look! StyleBreak and CoExist will be there too! And Anagon!! #alamna

Be there! 🙂

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