Make it count

*This was supposed to be my 11.11.11 celebratory post
Today is 11.11.11 – a rare occurence in a person’s lifetime. There are a lot of events, product launches, weddings, etc. scheduled today because of this significant date.

I’m not big on superstitions, though I do find making a wish at 11:11 cute 🙂

Today is the mother of all 11.11s, and I wanted to make it count. I obviously couldn’t make it to the events and launches, so I decided to do something for myself.

It’s not big, grand, or monumental; not a makeover or a shopping spree. None of that sort. But for sure it was well thought-of and I counted seconds, minutes, hours and even days before making the move.

It’s different for each one, but in the end they all feel the same way – liberating. The thought of doing what you thought you wouldn’t do; of standing up for yourself after so much.

Did I intentionally do it on 11.11.11? Honestly, no. Today’s date is just like any other date. Sure it’s unique and one-in-a-hundred years but any other date happens just once in a lifetime too, right? I’m not ruining the romance of today’s date for you guys haha 🙂 I guess what I’m trying to say is try to make everyday count. 

Don’t overlook the small things that happen to you just because you’re so busy looking at the bigger picture. Circumstances, situations, events pass that may or may not hurt you, but remember the people who you met along the way, those who made the ride a little less bumpy and a bit more bearable.

Make every situation count, whether good or bad. Make every person count, however useful or useless they seem to be. Make everything you do count, because every move you make greatly affects the days ahead of you.

And since today is all 11 everything, let me throw in my favorite 11, Aly Borromeo ❤

*TODAY: I was literally buzzing with excitement last Monday morning when I got a tweet mention from Lexton Moy, the Azkal whose blog I featured in the previous post. So honored and humbled! Looking forward to his future entries at 🙂 

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