Bang bang!

Rarely do you come across honest-to-goodness blog entries as of late. ‘Bloggers’ abound but what we read about are events, product endorsements, etc. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, because brands are really tapping social media as a way of reaching their target market easier. What I’m trying to say is it’s refreshing to read a blog that just tells of how the day went, the things he did, with a little inspirational message here and there – sans the product placements.

Much more if it’s written by an athlete. An AZKAL, to be exact.

Aside from the popular ones like the Younghusbands, Del Rosario, Borromeo, etc. there’s a whole lot of them most people don’t know. But if like me, Twitter is your crack then you’ve probably seen his name around Twitterverse: LEXTON MOY (And you’ll get what the ‘bang bang!’ is all about!)

I’m not going to go all-football here because I don’t want to get shot for being a know-it-all, so I’ll let Wikipedia do the talking:

Lexton was born to a Filipino mother and a Chinese father, and grew up in Chinatown, Manhattan. That in itself is interesting already. If you see him you can’t deny he’s very Asian.

Anyway, I’ve been seeing links and people in Facebook talking about his blog entry about his trip to Chinatown in Manila. I just scrolled past it in my news feed the first few times but for some reason I decided to finally click the link today.

He talked about experiencing Chinatown in an entirely different culture, but what made him earn my respect was he went through the whole thing IN PUBLIC TRANSPORT.

You have to read all his blog entries at his blog/Web site! He runs the site, by the way 🙂

Here’s more about Soccerpirrs:
Formerly known as, the New website is the official Blog website for the Spirr’s Network. SPIRR’s is an acronym for Soccer Product Information Ratings and Reviews. The vision behind such a vast Soccer network, is to create a place for the entire Soccer Community to gather, interact and share information. Developed by Sports Pirrs Inc. in 2009, the Spirrs Network consist of several dynamic websites dedicated to “Passing the Word around.” highlights all kinds of soccer products, from what’s new, the latest technology and cool innovations to traditional trends, past classics and popular throwbacks. is not only limited to the soccer products, it is a place for information and knowledge to be shared, discussed and critiqued so that the Spirrs motto can fully be achieved.
It is powered…BY your soccer Peers…FOR you soccer Peers. 
With the Spirrs Network, you can rely on your Soccer Pirrs for their honest opinions.

Discover what’s out there.
Inform yourself.
Inform others.
Contribute to….
Passing the Word Around.
I cracked up reading about how one jeepney ride challenged his limited Tagalog skills haha! Going through all his entries made me want to meet him in person and compliment him with what he’s doing. His tone is just so conversational and unpretentious, quite a (delightful) surprise for a guy like him. And also props on recognizing the power of social media as more than just a way to promote, but also to interact with fans and know what they’re thinking.

So go click click on this link and have an awesome Pacquiao weekend!


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