The 11.11.11 celebratory post will come in a little later. Haha.

For the meantime, I introduce to you the headache that is Dec. 3. 

See, when news broke that David Beckham’s team, the LA Galaxy, will be flying in to the Philippines for a friendly game against the Azkals !gasp! the whole of Twitterverse erupted in chaos. First question: How much will the tickets be? KNOWING it’s David-freaking-Beckham you’d expect at most a 10k-priced ticket for the VIP section. Doing the math, that might leave you at 800 a pop for bleachers. 
Heartbreak of all heartbreaks, it’s 15k for the VIP and 2k for the bleachers. A little too much, for me at least. I mean, obviously the price you pay is to see the LA Galaxy, not the Azkals since they’re so accessible naman, especially now that UFL is starting to pick up its pace. So ako, keribels na lang na ‘wag manood ng live though that would mean missing out on cheering along with the Kaholeros and the rest of the uber-hyper Pinoy fans. 

The bright idea of hitting the AFTER-PARTY instead came to me one day while going over HellYeahAzkals’ Tumblr. *lightbulb* And that’s the gameplan.

But wait there’s more! 

I was all set for this Mission: After-Party when a *facepalm* moment happened: BLOGGERS UNITED IS ALSO ON DEC. 3!

Maine and I have been talking about going to BU and the game almost everyday and we missed out on that one important detail! Back to the drawing board we go!

Bloggers United a must-not-miss gathering of bloggers, and it had me at the ‘interactive shopping’ part! 

So yes, you will most definitely see both (or the three, Ishi included) of us on Dec. 3 running around the Fort area like headless chickens trying to shuttle from Treston to National Sports Grill (to watch the game) and back to The Fort or (God bless us) Resorts World.

Leggo #teamDec3! 

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