If streets could talk…

…it would tell you a lot.

I’m a city girl through and through, though a road trip out of Manila is a welcome break. I’m in love with how busy the streets get during rush hour (you may also insert some cursing at the traffic here), the way the lights dance as cars inch their way forward, and the chatter of commuters as they recap the days’ events. That’s the main reason I refuse to learn how to drive – nothing compares to the challenge of surviving the streets of Manila on foot.

Whenever I’m asked where I live and I answer “Sa may Tomas Morato”, I get the same reaction: “Wow ang lapit mo sa gimikan!”

While that’s true, I love Tomas Morato more for its restaurants and cozy coffee shops. Back when I was still in my first job, ‘Tomas’ was our go-to place for late-night caps. Before one of my good friends from college, Jarvik, moved south, Baang and Kopi Roti were the no-brainer destinations for some weekend catching up.

Remember this? ‘Where do broken hearts go?’ at Kopi Roti

The original Baang girls!

Il Terrazo hits with my BusinessWorld friends!

And most recently, coffee hits! This is a Nespresso shake at Sango!

Tomas Morato has got to have anything and everything to satisfy whatever food you’re craving for. The fun part? They’re all just one or two blocks away from each other! So if you’re on a food trip you can burn some calories by walking to your next destination and make room for some more food haha!

I don’t ever want to move out of QC. There’s no other ‘comfort place’ than Tomas Morato ❤


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