Happy 10th birthday, HerWord!

My very first job was at BusinessWorld, the country’s leading business newspaper, and I am forever loyal to the people and the brand because I made good friends and memories with them ❤ I still ‘invade’ the editorial department and hang out with them ’till they go home (read: 10pm. Best schedule ever. Haha!)

But business has a flip side; of course it can’t be all work and no play. And since Beyonce said  ‘girls run the world’, women need to take a break from meetings and work-related stress. 
Enter HerWord, one of BusinessWorld’s microsites that’s dedicated to women’s needs – from fashion, food and dining, health, and more. A guilty pleasure of mine is reading Her-o-Scope weekly! Not that I believe it entirely but sometimes the forecast is so spot-on I feel like it’s stalking me! Plus their product and movie reviews are very helpful too.

HerWord will be turning 10 this November 30 and they’re celebrating it with “A Day of Treats: Herword.com’s 10th Anniversary Fair”

“A Day of Treats: HerWord.com’s 10th Anniversary” will be held on November 30, 2011 (Wed) at the Eastwood Central Plaza from 11am – 12mn. 

See all the different sections of HerWord.com come alive! The booths will be sub-divided into Pantry, Her-o-scope, Tester, Gallery, Healthdesk, Her Rights, Her Money and Unwind. The sections you see on our site is what you’ll get and more.

To get the whole HerWord experience, avail of a Passport for only P100! Here’s what comes with it:

Entrance to seminars & workshops, game participation, food, give-aways, makeover, mystic reading at the Her-o-scope booth, one (1) printed photo at our photobooth, consultation with lawyer at Her Rights booth, massage or manicure and more!

Alam nyo na which booth I’ll go to first! Haha! You may e-mail marcom@bworld.com.ph for your Passport reservations. You may pay for them/pick them up at BusinessWorld’s office or at Eastwood Mall on the event day itself.

It’s an event for BFFs to bond over and there’s no excuse for you not to go because Nov. 30 is a holiday! 

To get you in the mood for HerWord’s anniversary, I leave you with Queen B herself. Because we run the m*therf**king world!

See you ladies! ❤


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