You’d want kids like these someday

I’m not exactly a fan of choral/classical music. The nearest thing I listen to is Glee, which is actually more show choir/stage than choral. (Un)fortunately, my mom is, lol. And she fangirls over these adorbz choir boys, Libera, the way I do over Glee and the Azkals.

I do admit they’re cute though – the kind that you want to slip into your pocket because they’re just too fluffy you’re gonna die. Yep, THAT cute. They’re fondly called ‘mini angels’ because they do sound like angels when they sing (and ones with British accent when they talk).

They first performed in Manila in 2009, also the year my mom first heard of them. Since then it’s Libera in the car, at home, and in her cellphone. In 2010 they held another concert, and this time she was more prepared than ever. They had a meet and greet at the Podium two days before, and I’ve never seen so many middle-aged/adult fans scream over a 14-year-old boy. Never. (Well, there’s Bieber. But that’s a different story).

So fast-forward to 2011, just a little over two weeks ago, where the screaming middle-aged/adult fans seemed to have tripled from last year’s. How that happened is beyond me, but I appreciated this year’s concert than the one a year ago. And it helped that we watched with great company — thanks to Lala and her family.

The crowd at the Meet and Greet (SM The Block)

All in all there were 28 kids – this one’s the first batch. Those I remember from last year are grown-up already!

CONCERT NIGHT at the PICC Plenary Hall

View from where we were seated

Me, Lala, and her husband Elliot at the concert

Great company!
HE’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE! I saw this little one during last year’s concert and I immediately wanted to take him home! He has an adorable talent aside from singing! His name is Cassius O’Connell-White ❤

One minute into the video you’ll find out what his other talent is! ❤ SO CUTE!!!
(And please pardon my overly-pilit-na-kolehiyala voice LOL)

The songs they sang during the concert were already familiar to me, thanks to their CDs on loop here at home and in the car.

Last year, they won the Filipino audience’s hearts when they sang ‘Bayan Ko’ as their encore song. Have to give it to them for learning the song! I don’t think I can sing the entire song, actually. 

Much to the delight of the audience, they sang ‘Himig Pasko’ as their encore song for this year’s concert. Here’s the performance, thanks to their official YouTube channel:

I heard they’re repackaging their Christmas album to include ‘Himig Pasko’. Go get it! I personally love their version of ‘Carol of the Bells’, one of my favorite Christmas songs ever. 

The youngest in the group was just eight years old! Kind of makes you think, ‘what the heck was I doing when I was eight?!’ These kids are globe-trotting (they’ve been to Japan, Canada, US, Korea and got stuck in Greece) and I’m sure if they see these recorded performances when they’re grown up all they’ll think of is how wicked their childhood was. See how talent goes a long way?

Enjoying the sands of Cebu during their 2011 Philippine Tour (credit: Libera official site)

Won’t you be a proud parent if your kid spent a week a thousand miles away from home, to sing in front of more than a thousand people? I would.

And they could also play footy. *wink*


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