Saturday Slam!

I’m a 90s kid. It’s fun to reminisce growing up to POG, Super Trump, Polly Pocket, Princess Sarah, … the list could go on! Kids these days have it so differently – imagine them recalling their childhood 20 years from now: “I got a PSP for my 10th birthday! I wanted an iPhone though *sadface*” Haha!

I’ll leave them to the future, because when 90s kids get together, we roll out our best memories of growing up 🙂

 4:30 na, AngTV na!!!

 TGIS (Team Wacks-Peachy!)

 The Moffats (pronounce it correctly! Lol)

And a slew of other shows, games and boybands! Speaking of boybands, get a dose of the 90s’ best music on Magic 89.9’s Saturday Slam (well I know it’s Sunday now but what the heck!) I’m sure you’ll whip out your inner Spice Girl in no time 😉

What were your best memories of the 90s?!

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