I understand it’s been almost a year of inactivity here in my little nook in cyberspace. I do have plans of resurrecting the blog, so as a way of ‘decluttering’, I’ve moved all previous posts to the ARCHIVE category.

New posts will be coming your way real soon 😉


– Lai


The Basics:

Anna Carmela Guzman, 27. Born and raised in La Manila.

Call me Lai.

For everyone’s interest, I was given the nickname ‘Melai’ by my sixth-grade best friend, BA. It kind of stuck until college, and for grown-up reasons it evolved to ‘Lai’ during my first job for a local newspaper.

Broadcast Journalism grad from St Paul University QC. Former proofreader, digital marketing officer/copywriter, and call center agent. Now works as a Social Media Research Analyst.


The Blog:

I have a love-hate relationship with the city, but most of the time it’s the former. The public transport is a source of inspiration and most of the time, spur-of-the-moment thoughts that you cannot re-capture when you try to write it down in front of your laptop.

This isn’t a fashion blog, a food blog, neither a travel blog. This is where the noises inside my head are heard. This is my life, as I go through the streets of La Manila.


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